Q: What is College Fashion Week?

A: College Fashion Week, an award-winning program owned and produced by Her Campus Media, is a multi-city interactive experience that brings the catwalk to campus for thousands of the most influential campus trendsetters in the US. At each of our tour stops we produce an exclusive "girls night out" of fashion and fun, with opportunities for attendees to be pampered by our top brand sponsors. The highlight of the evening is a fashion show featuring emerging female fashion entrepreneurs and designers showcasing fall's hottest looks for college students, modeled by real college student models of all shapes and sizes. This September, College Fashion Week will be making stops in Boston on September 23, 2017 and New York on September 30, 2017 for its sixth annual tour.

Q: What is a Fashion Partner?

A: College Fashion Week is pleased to partner with emerging female fashion entrepreneurs and designers every year to further our mission of empowering and supporting women to achieve their dreams. Fashion Partners are given the exclusive opportunity to provide 10-15 looks per market for our college student models to wear down the runway in front of an audience of hundreds of college students in attendance and thousands following along online around the world. This opportunity is structured as a barter, with no financial investment required of our Fashion Partners beyond providing the clothing and helping promote College Fashion Week. Interested brands are invited to apply to be considered to be Fashion Partners with College Fashion Week in 2017.

Q: Who are some of your past fashion partners and sponsors?

A: The College Fashion Week 2016 Fashion Partners were Bow & Drape, Ali & Ariel, My Social Canvas, Frill Clothing, and Foray Collective designers Vici Collection, Amuse Society, Show Me Your Mumu, and Delacy. 2016 Fashion and accessory sponsors included Rebecca Minkoff, Vince Camuto, Hanes Hosiery, Maidenform Shapewear, Bertha Watches, and Fitbit.

Q: What's the difference between fashion partners and fashion sponsors?

A: Fashion partners are emerging fashion brands who provide the looks for College Fashion Week through non-paying barter partnerships, while fashion sponsors are paying sponsors of the entire College Fashion Week experience who supplement the looks provided by fashion partners as needed to round out full head-to-toe looks. For example, for College Fashion Week 2016 Rebecca Minkoff provided bottoms to complement Bow & Drape sweatshirts, along with jewelry and handbags, and Vince Camuto provided footwear for all looks.

Q: Who will be attending College Fashion Week shows?

A: Most College Fashion Week attendees are current female college students, but anyone is welcome to register to attend College Fashion Week. Each show draws several hundred attendees, and many others tune in on social media to follow along remotely.

Q: Will Fashion Partners be able to attend the shows?

A: Yes! We welcome our Fashion Partners to attend as many College Fashion Week shows as possible for free, and we invite you to join our models during their finale walk down the runway for the individual show featuring your brand. You will also have an opportunity to go backstage at College Fashion Week to cover the show and see the final looks before they go down the runway.

Q: What is the timeline for College Fashion Week?

A: We will be reviewing Fashion Partner applications on a rolling basis throughout the spring and finalizing our Partner selections in the summer. Once models are confirmed in the summer, we will begin putting together the looks for each of our shows, finalizing all style selections with Fashion Partners by early fall. We will receive all styles from Fashion Partners by early September, and our two shows are in Boston on September 23 and New York City on September 30.

Q: What kind of coverage will Fashion Partners receive?

A: Fashion Partners will be featured prominently in extensive College Fashion Week promotion, coverage, and collateral, which may include in-book pages with magazine/media sponsors, press coverage, social media promotion, display ads, event signage, programs, and more. Last year, Fashion Partners gained huge exposure from the over 300 million College Fashion Week 2016 program impressions. 

Q: Can Fashion Partners provide items for the CFW goody bags?

A: Yes, we would love to include an item from you in the official College Fashion Week goody bags which are given to all attendees at all shows, approximately 500-600 per market. As the event dates approach we will send out a survey asking if you would like to provide product for the bags. It is not required.

Fashion Show Questions

Q: How are the College Fashion Week fashion shows run?

A: College Fashion Week events open with an interactive hour during which attendees enjoy pampering and being treated to mini makeovers, yummy bites, giveaways, and more from our paying sponsors. The fashion show portion of the evening commences after this interactive hour, with four individual themed shows of approximately 10 looks each being sent down the runway, separated by brief intermissions. Each individual show closes with a finale walk before a quick change happens backstage before the next show. In 2016, our individual fashion show themes were Study Chic (athleisure, comfy clothes for class/library), Rush (sorority wear), Festival (festival appropriate boho chic/edgy looks), and Girls Night Out (fun looks for going out with your girlfriends).

Q: Who are the models for College Fashion Week?

A: College Fashion Week models are real college women with real bodies who rock our runways with spirit and spunk! We intentionally cast a diverse set of models for our shows, because it is important to us to promote and celebrate the uniqueness, diversity, and different shapes, sizes, and colors of real college women everywhere. Because of this, we ask that Fashion Partners be able to provide clothing in sizes from XS - 3XL. Each College Fashion Week show features 15-20 individual college students modeling a total of approximately 40 looks.

Q: What kind of pieces are you looking for from Fashion Partners?

A: We will preference the applications of College Fashion Week fashion partners who are able to provide head-to-toe looks (e.g. dresses, tops and bottoms, outerwear) over those who can only provide one part of a look (e.g. tops). We are interested in any and all pieces that are appropriate for some aspect of the collegiate experience. Varying levels of formality are welcome, as students typically need a well diversified closet for everything from going to class, to the gym, to a bar, to a formal, or to an interview to name a few scenarios. In 2016, our individual fashion show themes were Study Chic (athleisure, comfy clothes for class/library), Rush (sorority wear), Festival (festival appropriate boho chic/edgy looks), and Girls Night Out (fun looks for going out with your girlfriends). It is important that the pieces are available in sizes from XS - 3XL, and ideally are seasonally appropriate for fall. We are interested in everything from tops (any sleeve length) to bottoms (any length/type) to dresses/jumpsuits to outerwear to accessories. Please indicate the type of inventory you have available when filling out the official Fashion Partner application.

Q: What exactly do Fashion Partners need to provide, and when?

A: We ask that College Fashion Week fashion partners send 10-15 complete looks per market where you will be featured. The first step in the application review process is for us to review your lookbooks and/or linesheets. It is extremely important that all Fashion Partners are able to provide an accurate and up-to-date inventory and to indicate which styles are available vs. unavailable. Next, we will request specific pieces and sizes from your linesheets based on your indicated inventory to create a 10-look show with backups. We may also ask for backup sizes of anything that may be size-restrictive, as model fittings are done either the day before or the day of the show itself. We will ask you to send your items by no later than the beginning of September.

Q: Can Fashion Partners provide accessories?

A: Yes, we are happy to receive accessories like jewelry, belts, headwear, handbags, and other accessories that would enhance your looks. However, providing accessories is not a requirement. Either way, we will be incorporating accessories from any paying sponsors into your looks as needed (jewelry, handbags, footwear, etc).

Q: How are items from paying fashion sponsors incorporated into the looks?

A: 2016 Fashion and accessory sponsors included Rebecca Minkoff, Vince Camuto, Hanes Hosiery, Maidenform Shapewear, Bertha Watches, and Fitbit. We incorporated Rebecca Minkoff bottoms into the looks of any of our Fashion Partners who had only tops without bottoms. Rebecca Minkoff also provided handbags, outerwear, jewelry, and knit accessories, which were incorporated into looks as needed, for example adding a Rebecca Minkoff leather jacket over a tank to give the look a more seasonally appropriate and trendy look. Vince Camuto provided all footwear, and we incorporated different styles depending on the individual show theme (slip ons for the athleisure show, heels for girls night out). Hanes and Maidenform tights and nylons were incorporated to make short skirt/dress looks more fall-appropriate. Bertha Watches and Fitbit bangles were worn on wrists for all looks, creating a fun stacked arm party style. Every look will primarily feature items from our Fashion Partners, with additions from our fashion sponsors only used to supplement/fill out the looks where individual items may be missing.

Q: Will Fashion Partners receive their samples back?

A: You will not receive your samples back, as they will be gifted to the models as a thank you for their participation in our shows.

Q: Who will be styling the College Fashion Week looks?

A: All looks will be determined and styled by Her Campus's Co-founder and Creative Director Annie Wang. We welcome any and all styling recommendations or preferences from our fashion partners leading up to the creation of the show looks. We reserve the exclusive right to make any and all styling decisions and adjustments as necessary.

Q: What will hair and makeup be?

A: Hair and makeup styling will be provided by College Fashion Week beauty sponsors and performed by hair and makeup professionals backstage. Typically we go with a makeup look that is fresh and natural and a range of hairstyles from voluminous blowouts to fishtail braids to messy top knots.